Winter is Coming = More Music

Well Winter Is Coming as they say, or more accurately for us more northern folks, winter is pretty much here. That of course means that I’m not spending so much time outside anymore enjoying the outdoors and taking photos. Couple the weather with the fact that my wide angle lens is currently broken, and I’m now more or less trapped indoors. Darn, or not? What else is there to do when sitting in front of your computer other than compose more music! So that’s what I’ve been up to.

So anybody out there following Black Sheep Media’s musings and creations will be seeing a bunch of new releases in the next few weeks and months. So if you’re out perusing the internet for some royalty free music for your projects, videos, dance number, game, school play, or the like then please subscribe to my rss feed or check back often for the latest audio offering I have up on my website and at Audio Jungle.  If you’re a designer or developer of any sort you can also subscribe to the new items feed for sale on my Audio Jungle page.

My latest track currently up for sale is a happy go lucky guitar/piano pop instrumental called “Building Tomorrow”

Building Tomorrow Listen & Purchase Link

Click on the photo to hear the track and for purchasing details

That’s all for now, hope you’re enjoying the near start of the winter season where ever you are in the world.  Please share, subscribe, tell the world about the music if you like it and know someone that can use it.

– Black Sheep Media’s roaming shepherd: Ryan Faas

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