Hello one and all!  Welcome to my blog about well me.  Well not entirely me.  There will be all the people I meet, the gigs I play, my band mates, the fans, etc…  No matter what it should provide some entertainment and good laughs or at least some people to laugh at.

So being a musician is hard.  I knew that.  Just didn’t figure it to be this hard.  Years of slugging away playing solo ‘wallpaper’ gigs as I call them.  (Think about it for a second and it will make sense).  Don’t get me wrong they’re all right in their time and place and I sure enjoy the money, but it leaves you wanting something more…something like more musicians to play with.  Playing in a group/band is so much more fulfilling on stage and off.  So many more people to make fun of and have fun with.

I’m trained as a jazz pianist, which luckily means I like to make up stuff and play off chord sheets and lead sheets and what have you.  Did classical growing up, not for me.  Jazz is way more fun, but nobody makes much money at it.  Hopefully the money aspect will change soon as this new band I’m in backing up singer, Rachel Thom (see links) is going places.  It’s a blend of Pop/Rock that is fun, exciting, and more importantly I still get to write all my parts and being the jazzer I am, some of them tend to change every time.  It’ll be interesting when I start recording….

Anyways, that’s just the start, keep tuned for band stories, gig stories, and whatever else I happen to come across musically in this portion of life.  Check out my website for some old samples, someday soon I hope to have some more ready to go.


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