Valentines at the Mall

So on Valentines day I had a gig at the mall down in Langley.  It’s a good sized mall with a lot of traffic.  They had the stage set up just outside of Purdy’s Chocolates so needless to say I had a good crowd for the entire time I was there.  People purchasing their valentines chocolate were ending up lining up outside of the store just to pay for their chocolatey goodness.

I happen to have had a few ‘sampler’ cds I’d made out on the stage and wouldn’t you know I sold them all.  Turns out I should play at the mall more often.  Had lots of good comments.  My favourite was from one handicapped guy who was having a mall day.  He walked by the stage going one direction and was talking to his friend saying, “hmmmm, sounds pretty good, but I think it’s a synthesizer”  (which my keyboard obviously is).  Then about 20 minutes later he came back from the other direction.  ” Yep, it’s a synthesizer”.  It was funny.

Hopefully get to play the mall again sometime.  I’ll bring more CD.s.


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