The Practice Sessions

June 27th.  One week after auditions we started rehearsals.  They’re taking place at the manager’s house which is nice as I don’t have to drive fully into Vancouver.  Takes 45 minutes depending on traffic anyways, I hate traffic out here, but I digress.  Got to meet the rest of the band at the first practice and we’re an odd mix of musicians. We’ve got 3 tall skinny white guys, a Filipino, a girl of course, and our manager is East Indian.  Going completely on stereo types we don’t look like a lot of bands out there.  However we sound great.

Even at the first rehearsal we were laying down songs in a quick and good sounding fashion.  Over the month of July and a bit of August we practiced every Sunday afternoon for about 5-7 hours and cranked out 11 performance ready tunes.  All lyrics written by Rachel and the music by the rest of us (minus a few songs that already had parts).  We usually ended practice with dinner, more often than not it was authentic Indian Cuisine made by our managers family.  They’re great and make very tasty food.  I’m a chai tea lover and I got one made for real, from scratch, awesome.

Creating the music was fun and sometimes tough as we all had ideas.  Some good, some not as good, some just plain bad.  On the whole though I’d say most of the songs came out really good.  As with any set of songs some are better than others, you’ll have to come listen to judge for yourself.  I’ve written out a lot of keyboard parts to memorize, didn’t realize I could play so many sounds at once with only 2 hands.  Although with the keyboard split 6 different ways I sometimes forget where each sound is…until I hit it by mistake that is.

I should take this time to introduce the band, check the pictures when they’re up to match the names up.  Lead singer is Rachel Thom, Guitar/Backup Vocals is Alexis Nery, Keyboards are myself, Bass is Nate Shaw, Drums are Phil Turbide, and our manager is Parneet Dilawari.

We’ve been prepping for our first gig which was August 14th, in Port Coquitlam.
Details in the next post.


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