The New Guy

Well my sarcasm and gentle teasing finally caught up with me yesterday.  We had band practice last night, which was the first one that we were all at with our new bass player, as I had to miss last rehearsal.  I am always ribbing on Rachel for being late and through a series of practice time changes, horrible rush hour traffic and my lack of hover car I was late for practice.  There are times out here that I miss Deerfoot trail and I’ve definitely come to hate bridges and the way people drive to them…

Anyways, after finally getting there way late for me we got going through the songs.  We’ve got one more practice tomorrow, Sunday, and I think we’re going to sound great.  Jon, our new bassist, fits in just fine.  He’s got some solid bass playing chops, great work ethic, and is overall a great guy.  Perfect addition to keep us getting stronger and more popular everyday.  (you should all be telling everybody you know about Rachel Thom and her awesome band by the way, you want to be on the inside scoop when we’re huge. Just saying.)

We’re also hopefully going to be landing some gigs more frequently and perhaps paying(cross fingers), as we’re trying to get a booking manager.  Hopefully this pays dividends in gigs and fans. And they work on commission so sounds like a win situation.  I’ll keep you posted. We’re still opening for Stef Lang this friday and saturday in North Van, which is gonna be sweet.

Well I’m tired.  Been reworking a song and coming up with ska horn lines and some organ.  Catchy I hope, repetitive, for sure.

See you tomorrow

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