The Gig at Oscar’s

So the night of Tuesday August 24 brought us to Oscar’s, a pub just inside Burnaby off of Hastings.  This was the second of the pubs owned/managed, I’m not actually sure, by the same guy.  So tonight we played our whole set which went better than the time before.  We’re starting to make each song tighter than the last time.  It was odd playing the few songs we hadn’t played for a while.

The one song called ‘Leave Me Alone’ I hated my part to when we first started recording.  So I changed it.  It has a pseudo Mexican flavour to it so I added in some trumpets with my organ.  Apparently Rachel couldn’t hear me at the first gig because when I played it this time she turned to be laughing and asking what was I doing.  She liked it, just wasn’t ready for it.

Everytime we play I’m testing out new things.  Tonight I had finally got a new sound card expansion for my keyboard, only took 11 years.  So I tried out some better sounding pianos and strings which I’ll be keeping.  Now to get some better organs….

Everyone was on their usual good form with so few screws ups I’m sure nobody noticed.  We tried a new band introduction during the last song, which goes pretty well and only take about 30 seconds all said and done.  We’re getting this act together, that’s for sure.

Oh, I got a hat, can’t see my face but now I look cool…

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