The EP Release Party in Whistler

GLC Fireplace
Giant Disco ball


Alexis mingling with the fans

Well November 26th came around and our band was putting on an EP release party in Whistler.  So away to Whistler Lindsay and I went on a Friday afternoon.  Word of advice to people driving places, avoid downtown Vancouver at all costs.  I unfortunately could not and so spent 5 hours in the car getting to Whistler it is of course not nearly that long of a trip.  It is a really nice drive though even in the dark because the first half of the road to Squamish drives like a race course track with lots of fun curves.  Once we finally made it into Whistler we got to see snow again.   It was kinda nice to see.  Like playing with someone else’s baby and knowing you can give it back.  I got to play in the snow but knew I was going home to where there was none.  (I don’t like snow if you can’t tell that’s why I moved to the coast).

John Shrier

So got to drive right up to the base of the mountain, parked beside the ski racks to unload in fact.  Then hauled my gear up the stairs to the GLC (Garibaldi Lift Company) which is a bar/club/ski restaurant type of place.  It’s located smack on top of the ski rental place in fact.  So I set up while they were doing sound check for the opening act, John Shrier; the rest of the band had arrived hours earlier and already done so.
Then we did a somewhat quick sound check with the awesome sound guy, named Ryan aswell.  Apparently he does some sound for Bryan Adams so it was awesome to have a professional sound guy to work with and know everything would sound its best.

Signing, why?

Then we just sat back and relaxed for an hour or so watching John and people make their way in.  Cover was $10 and came with one of the EPs.  I even signed my first autograph (that wasn’t someone I knew) with this band, second I can ever remember in history.  Who wants my autograph?  Anyways an interesting moment as you try to decide what your signature will actually look like when you’re not scribbling on some government form.  Just before we went on we got to see the music video for the single “Innocent Child”.  It was not bad for an amateur music video.  There was even some story between these cute little kids which definitely made the video great.  I’ll post a link someday when it’s online somewhere.

Then we finally started the show.  I wore my newish hat, it’s snazzy if I do say so myself and I do, snazzy.  First song was fine as usual but I couldn’t really hear myself on stage so I asked the sound guy to turn it way up after that song.  Turns out it got to way up and so I was hurting my ears just playing piano not a good thing.  He turned it down a  bit, but the next song is one where the keyboard part comes out louder anyways so then the stage sound got loud so everyone else started playing louder, especially drums and then Phil kicked through his kick drum.  That sucked and the sound died right away without that kick drum.  At the end of the song sound guy helped Phil duct tape it back together.  He had to do that again one more time before we finished out set.


Overall the show went good and we even had some dancers up for one song.  Turns out we need some more dancing music less listening stuff.  Hopefully soon we’ll start writing some of that stuff and keep the people moving and grooving.

Alexis and I noticed one big problem for the two of us while playing the gig.  It was too dark.  The show started out fun but as the songs got more complicated we both found we were spending more time watching what we were doing rather intently because we couldn’t see anything.  For me the keys weren’t to bad because most of them are white but whenever I had to push a button or change the levels on my sliders I couldn’t see them.  The keyboard being jet black helped a lot as well :) Alexis has a black guitar he didn’t fair much easier. Our stage presence is getting better.  I was head bobbing and rocking as much as I could.  Not a lot else I can do short of getting a keytar, and I will never ever play a keytar, ever. We even played an encore that was a mix of “Hot and Cold” (the unable to sing Katy Perry) and our “Arm in Arm”.  Our lead singer, hmm hmm, didn’t keep the form quite the same as we had rehearsed it but it worked out ok.  Should we ever play it again it’s kinda fun.

We made it out of the GLC and to Rachel and Phil’s place by about 2:30.  Just in time to get yelled at by the next door neighbour while we were blowing up an air mattress.  Cranky old people, I just wanted to go to sleep. Caught some breakfast in Whistler before heading home. All in all a good EP release party and hopefully we’ll have more people out for the Vancouver one.  We didn’t quite get the turn out I thought we would for Rachel’s stomping grounds in Whistler but still had about 50-60 people there at one time though.  Oh saw a bear crossing the street at 1 in the morning while walking back to the car, going for the hotel garbage in the village.  Oh again, actually made some money on this one, whoo whoo.  Didn’t break even but that will hopefully come soon…

I leave you with a video of “I Hear Her Voice”.  It’s very dark and you can’t see much, I’m wearing the hat on the right periodically showing up out of the darkness.  One of my favourite songs we play.

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