The Cellar

Well August 29th brought us to a competition gig.  We played at The Cellar Nightclub in Downtown Van.  Our first somewhat serious venue.  I say serious because there were bouncers.  Also, and this was my favourite part of the evening, their was a VIP section.  Yes the band got to be in the VIP section before we went on and it was all roped off with that fancy velvet rope stuff on the metal poles.  On the downside it looked like the VIP section, if you know what I mean and Lindsay said it smelled.  I didn’t ask of what.  Still we were big wigs for a few hours.
The VIP Room Couch

So this gig was apparently a competition that ran every Sunday night during the week.  There was one band performing each of the nights and then the house band comes on and does live karaoke the rest of the evening.  So we showed up to show our stuff.  We each were able to get a monitor on stage which was great, I could hear myself perfectly for the first time.  Of course with that many monitors the stage was really really loud.  I need earplugs, they cost a lot.

Alexis was asked to not set up his rig and use the house guitar players gear.  He was a really nice guy apparently, but kinda rude to make you play essentially a different instrument.  They were going to do that with the keys until Rachel told them we need all the sounds I use on mine.  The show went great we played mostly for a stagette party that was there mainly for karaoke I assume, but they got a better show from us:) Everyone sounded pretty darn good.

The entertainment director of the club said we were great and would be one of the three bands coming back for the final show night.  Haven’t heard from her yet and it’s about the time for that…maybe they run on musician time.  It’s a really slow time with no specifics, just ask Rachel :) (she’s always late)

My Lovely Wife with some guy in VIP Room

Next up we’re recording 4 our newer songs. Apparently the formula is practice for a month, play 4 gigs, record.  A lot sooner than I was expecting, but the recording is free so why not right?


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