The Blender

Well, not a lot is happening with me and the band right now.  On Sunday Alexis and Jon went up to record some stuff at the studio in Whistler before it closes but I’m all done, and had guests, so I skipped out on that one.  We have an audition for a competition at UBC this weekend, we’ll see how that goes.

On a completely different note and having nothing to do with music I thought I would share a story about my blender.  This is a taste of life in my house.

So somebody in this house, I’m not going to name names, made Butternut Squash soup a while ago and uses the blender to mix it all up.  She, again not naming anyone here, put the blender together a little too emphatically and cracked the plastic bottom so it leaked a little bit. I thought no problem I’ll fix it with some super glue, so I cleaned it up, took apart the plastic bottom, the blade with rubber seal, dried it all out and then glued it.

The next day I decided to make myself a smoothie for breakfast.  I like smoothies.  So I grabbed the blender, screwed the plastic bottom back on carefully and put it on the base so I could make my smoothie.  I put in a banana and some frozen blueberries, yum right.  Then I grabbed the milk poured it in and watched the milk flow perfectly out of the blender and all over the stove I was working on top of.  Crap I”m thinking, the glue didn’t work and now it’s worse because I probably screwed the base on too hard.

So I start cleaning up and pick up the blender container and the blue berries and banana fall out all over the stove.  What the hell.  Then it hits me, along with a bunch of milky fruit, in order to blend something you need to have the actual blending part, the blade, in the glass container.  So I put all of the parts of the blender back together, tried again and wouldn’t you know, no leaks.  Had a very nice smoothie.

Moral of the story, don’t let your wife break the blender :)


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