If you have ever wanted to be more musical than pushing play on a stereo then music lessons is where it is at! Ryan has been professionally teaching music lessons, in Piano (Jazz/Classical/Pop/Rock), Guitar (Acoustic/Electric), and Music Theory for more than ten years. Students range in age from 6 through adults in their 60s.

Teaching is conducted in a relaxed manner with a healthy push to keep the students growing in skill and knowledge. Music should be fun and rewarding work and the more you put in the better the results you get.

If you’re interested in registering for lessons with Ryan please contact him to book a lesson time.
Ryan has a website solely devoted to his students with information on teaching and music available for his students. Visit it at  http://www.musiclessons.ryanfaas.ca

Here are a few frequently asked questions about lessons:

“How long are lessons”

Most students take .5 hr lessons, advanced students 1 hr.

“Do I need previous music experience”
Not at all. Ryan teaches all levels from beginner to advanced.

“Do I need my own instrument”
For piano lessons Ryan of course has a piano that lessons are taught on. In order to practice at home you will want to purchase a piano or keyboard. For child beginners sometimes a smaller, cheaper keyboard is a perfectly fine instrument to start with. Guitar students will need their own instrument for lessons and home practice.