Well, this last Friday was the Supaskillz competition put on by the CVC (Chinese Varsity Club) of UBC. I was playing there with the Rachel Thom Band and we were doing our thing.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  We had a dress rehearsal/sound check at 3:15 in the afternoon, which lasted about and hour, then a lot of time to kill before actually playing at 8:30 or so.  So we walked to a mall down a few streets and took a very long time getting supper and eventually made our way back to kill time in the actual theatre where the competition was.

The competition itself was a variety show.  Everything from magic and dance, to freestyle rap and  singing.  Turns out we were missing a key component for the evening…being Chinese.  There were definitely some odd cultural things that most of the performers (who were mostly Chinese) did and ways the audience reacted to them.  They sure do love their medleys and Michael Jackson quotes.  Perhaps a tad bit hokey, but that’s just what I thought.

Our performance, just after the intermission was not bad.  First song went fine and the second one we messed up the starting a bit, could anyone tell I’m not sure.  Our guitar player, Alexis, was rather sick all day so the fact he was standing and singing was pretty great.  The group after us, which won the audience choice award, was absolutely horrible.  It was weird medley of songs sung off key on the piano and guitar and it turns out most of the audience were their friends, power in numbers.

We did not place, top 3 acts were all, you guessed it Chinese.  That being said I believe the judges got the first two acts right.  Winners were these two Chinese guys doing Irish dance, (yes Lord of the Dance with Chinese guys) and they were good, they should have won.  Second place was a singer song writer who could sing, play and was great with the crowd.  Third place though was a dance troup that was not so hot minus the lead dancer….

Been about 7 years since I’ve done a variety show and this was much stranger….we’ll be steering clear of those in future.

Nice stage and the sound guy was easy to work with so that part was fun…

Until next time…

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