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Well I have been busy and have thus slacked on this blog. The band hasn’t been slacking, well not too much, and many things have happened in the last few months.

Back in May/June we had a couple of gigs. One was at the Media Club in downtown Vancouver. We were part of a 4 band/group show for the evening. It was loud and it was fun. We had dancers out, played the new single and all in all it went quite well.

Following that up we played a battle of the bands at the TNB nightclub in POCO. This was not the best gig in the world. To start we were all supposed to play 30-45 minuteish sets and then the next band went. The first band, which was mainly a crazy weird/bad singer played for 1.5 hours. She just wouldn’t stop, all the other bands were not impressed. We went on last so didn’t finish playing until somewhere midnightish or later. Fun note the TNB night club is an old country bar. They have not changed any of the decor yet so it is still an old country bar. Played some pool that helped save the evening a bit.

In June we played outside at the Car free festival on Denman street in downtown Van. That was fun. Good weather had a nice big crowd coming and going and even some dancers. One cute little girl with a giant balloon hat had a good time dancing around. There was also the strange gay guy dancing around that was a whole different kind of entertainment that got creepier as the songs went on. There came a point that I wonder if the crowd was watching us or him dancing…

I’ve got some videos of playing at the festival on youtube and will eventually have a few more to go up. Just look for my channel: Ryan Faas

Finally our latest gig was at the Libra room in Vancouver this past Thursday. It’s not a very big place and has volume restraints which is tough for a band such as us but the show was good. We all fit on the little stage and did a whole lot of covers and most of our originals along the way. Management liked us and hopefully we’ll be coming back once or twice a month on a Friday or Saturday. Having a regular gig will be pretty nice and hopefully open up some new doors or at least polish us up as an act.

The single is still out there and available for purchase. Check my last post for the link or go onto Itunes and look for ‘Gets Me Moving’ under the artist ‘Rachel Thom’. We want to see everybody with the single on their Ipods/Phones etc so get downloading.

I also had a few solo gigs playing a wedding on Grouse Mountain and a party in Richmond. Note to self for the future,if playing on Grouse Mountain I will be charging a lot more. It takes way too long to get your stuff up and down via gondola. I may have only had to play for an hour but it took that long and then some to get down. It is utter chaos up there on a weekend. Now I know.

Taking a break for a month then back to the action


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