One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

First of all this post has absolutely nothing to do with Dr. Seuss, but we all like Dr. Seuss.  There has been quite a lot of details in my musical life that I thought I would update.  First off, check out my fancy new Facebook like button at the top of the post, please click it, I’d like to increase my reader base in Russia.

Let’s see.  The band has undergone some changes lately.  We have let our manager go and are now striking out on our own to get some things done.  First on the list is to use up some free recording time Rachel won a while back, so we’re going into the recording studio on April 8th to lay down “Get’s Me Movin”.  It’s a fun dance tune that I wrote the music for and Rachel stuck some lyrics to and the rest of the band threw some killer parts down for.  It’s a fun catchy song that will hopefully get us some radio play when it’s all ready to go.

In the rest of April we’ve got some gigs, April 14th we’re playing a battle of the bands so to speak in Port Coquitlam and on the 21 at the Crystal in Whistler.  Possibly another Whistler gig in there at the end of April, TBD.

In my solo music career I’ve been working on some compositions to fill up my portfolio as of late.  I will post those up here in the near future when they’re listening ready.  Expect to hear a Club Dance tune and a classical piano piece to start.  In the meantime if you’d like to hear some other recordings of mine from the past head on over to my website,

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