Night Two of opening for Stef Lang

Well folks night two of opening for Stef Lang was Saturday night of Halloween weekend and it was fun.  After having taken into consideration how crazy late we started on Friday compared to when we showed up I decided I’d try to arrive at 7:30 for set up.  So I didn’t leave until 6:15.  Guess what, still made it there for 7 again.  The normal traffic laws were not with me this weekend.  Again we were all there early.  Turns out I pulled in beside Phil and Rachel’s car and they were sleeping in the back.

We knew that the sound guy who sets the bands up wasn’t going to be there tonight so he left some instructions on the sound board.  After deciphering random writings we got it working but discovered that we had no monitor.  Kind of hard to hear yourself with out a monitor.  So we searched every nook and cranny in this bar, with the help of the waitresses, looking for the monitor.  Found some speakers downstairs, but after lugging one upstairs we discovered it doesn’t have the right input, so we were still hooped.  Eventually, over an hour later, Stef’s bass player shows up and he has the monitor.  Still not sure what the story was on that, but we plugged it in and magically we could hear ourselves, yay.

We went on at about 8:45 tonight and this time it was a full house.  Which is great for energy.  It also helped that everyone in the band was bang on tonight.  No screw ups that I could hear.  Starts were good and endings were crisp.  No technical screw ups for me, thanks largely to the entire band turning around at different points to make sure I pushed the transpose button.  Highlight of our evening was probably the middle aged Korean couple in the front row that got up halfway through the set and started dancing.  They were funny.  Way better stage energy and presence from all of us I think.  It could still use a boost, but the crowd loved all the songs.  Even had a few crazy drunks asking to play a few again.  (we didn’t).  Looking forward to the next gig of sorts on November 14th.  We’re auditioning for a competition at UBC, might win some cash and prizes, woot.

We all took off after our set so can’t tell you much about Stef Lang for that night other than they dressed up a bit.  Her bass player had some bleeding eyes and she was a maid, and her bass player looked like a cowboy of course :)   Thanks to Jerica for some more pics from friday night.  Check out Alexis’s Blog for more pics and a view of our gigs from the guitar player.

Stef Lang opening night

Check out the upcoming page for the other shows heading your way.  Nov 20th and a cd release party in Whistler on the 26th, more details on page.

Tell your friends, tell your folks, great music usually to be heard for free.  See you out there.


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