If you are interested in having an original work of music composed for your film, video, event, presentation, game, wedding or any other purpose you may need music for, then I can provide it for you. I have experience writing music of all genres, for all purposes, from film through weddings.

You can hear samples of my work in the Royalty Free Section, and perhaps you’ll find a track there that will suit your purposes perfectly already. If not, then give me a shout and I’ll create some original music for you.

Commissioning Rates

Rates for having an original work commissioned vary depending upon the type of work requested. More complicated and longer works will of course have a higher cost than a simple 30 second solo piano piece. If you are wanting to obtain the licensing rights for the work this will also affect the cost. All details can be discussed prior to commissioning a piece.

Please contact Ryan with any questions about commissioning or to request an original work.