Music Video and shows

Hello World. I’m going to take part in a music video shoot tomorrow for our single “Get’s Me Moving”. Gonna spend the day in a club shooting a club dance scene, because well, that’s what the song is about. We’re lucky enough to get to use a club in Whistler for the day, have some dancers out to fill up said club, and then we’re going to “play” our song over and over and over… should be an interesting experience none the less as I’ve never been in a video with this much work going into it. The results should be cool.

Also have a show coming up. As of right now we’re playing as a band again at the Libra Room on Commercial drive on October 28th, 9 till Midnight. Come and grab a seat and a few beers and enjoy some music, covers and originals. This will be the 4th time we’ve all played at the Libra Room. 2 of those shows having just happened this last month, September, on the 10th and the 24th, both were packed houses and a ton o fun.

I’ll let you know how the video shoot goes and when to expect to be able to see it.

In the mean time the single is still available on Itunes just search for Gets Me Moving under Rachel Thom and download it, you’ll enjoy it.


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