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Hello.  It comes to my attention that not everyone who is reading this fancy dancy blog knows what and RSS feed is.  Basically it’s a program that acts like a newspaper.  Huh?  Why should you care?  Well, say you like reading this blog and want to do it on a regular basis without waiting for that post in facebook or elsewhere.  You get an RSS reader and input this blog into it.  The reader automatically checks the blogs you’re subscribed to and shows the website to you in a nice independent view.  It’s like reading the paper, but only the articles (blogs) you want.  That funky looking orange square with white stripes that shows up all over the internet and in your address bar on certain pages is the nice and easy way to add a blog to your reader.  The now universal subscribe button.

Now, if that didn’t make any sense (mom and dad, and other people who are scared to turn their computer off for fear of it not turning back on again…) here’s a website that explains it a bit more.

If you’re using firefox a great reader that I use is called “Newsfox”.  For those other web browsers out there, just do a search for RSS readers for them and you’ll get plenty of great, and free, options.

Now you know all you need to know to stay updated to all the band going-ons whether, funny, sad, maddening, or just plain weird. You can subscribe by clicking the little orange button on the right top of the blog here, or enter in you email address, or become a follower, so many ways….

Hope I didn’t bore the less tech savy folks. If you made it to the end, congrats, pat your head and rub your tummy, you are awesome.


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