Heritage Matters Gig

Hey there Peoples.  Just had a gig last night.  The Heritage Matters Concert at the Chief Sepass Theatre in Fort Langley.  Show was sold out and went great for me.  I started off the show playing in the dark then once the spotlight came on I got Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo a la Turk started.  Had a nice effect to start the concert.  Played 3 more songs then I was done my 20 minutes.  After another act and intermission I came back on as part of a trio with a vocalist and bass player.  That was a breeze and a ton of fun.

Bonuses of the evening were that I met some local jazz musicians that I can hopefully be doing some gigging with in the future.  The vocalist, Liana Savard, and the bass player Tim Stacey, were great and really nice people to boot.  Also found out about a local venue for music that I hadn’t heard about and hopefully I will be playing there sometime soon with my duo and my band.  Two completely different sounds, but both fun.  I even got paid more than I was expecting for the evening, so all in all it went very well.

If only all the gigs were that great.  The Theater had a green room and very nice changing room with huge mirrors and seats with make up lighting.  Didn’t need that but added to the atmosphere.  Very nice place and it’s part of a school, wish I’d gone to some place like that!

Having a rehearsal on friday with the Rachel Thom ‘band’ and will get to try out this new bass player for myself.  From what everyone else tells me though he’s sounding great and is well rehearsed already, after 1 1/2 practices.  We’re back in the races it sounds like.

Talk to you soon,


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