Gig Number 2

On Aug 19th we had our second gig as a band.  This one took place at the Rusty Gull pub in North Vancouver.  This is not a big place.  When we saw the stage before setup we all cringed a little bit.  The stage was the size I would normally use for playing a solo gig.  Instead we put on keys,bass,guitar,2 mics, 5 bodies, and some drums!  It was a very tight fit and everyone only had the room they were standing in to breathe and no more. Aside from the stage space though the gig went well.  The purpose was to play for the owner and if he liked us he would hopefully book us for other shows.  Well, he liked us a lot.  He thought the band was really tight, the songs were catchy and well done, and he wanted more.  We only played 9 of our current 11 songs but after hearing us, for the next gig, which is at one his other pubs, he wants the whole set.  He asked us if we had three 45 minute sets of music because then he could start hiring us for places right now.  Unfortunately we only have one 45 minute set, so we’ll be cranking out some more tunes soon.

I had fun, Lindsay got to see us play again which was great.  The levels of the instruments were quite balanced, which is always one of my highest concerns as I can never hear the piano/keyboards in any other band I’ve seen.  Alexis rocked out on the guitar and his solos were great and more audible this time.  Nate was steady as always on the bass, and Phil kept us together as he should. Oh and that lead singer girl Rachel worked the crowd in her little way and put on a great show.

After the gig we once again got some food.  This time at Raglans, I believe it was called.  A Jamaican kind of cafe with good stuff, but over priced in case you’re thinking of going.

Details from the next gig coming soon.


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