Get’s Me Moving Recording Day


Well a few Fridays ago was recording in the studio day for the band’s new hit single to be, “Get’s Me Moving”.  It’s a pop dance tune, about well, dancing.  I wrote the music back in late October, brought it to the band in November, and a few months go by, add some other instrument parts and some vocals and boom we’ve got a sweet single.  It’s exactly what it should be, catchy and well it gets you moving :)

Recording was a very long day at Bully’s studios in New Westminister.  I got up at 6:30, yes in the morning, to get to the studio for an 8 oclock start.  Turns out there was no rush hour traffic that morning so I should have slept for another half an hour.  Jon and I both came to this realization as we waited outside the studio.  We got into the studio a little after 8 and met our recording engineers for the day, Mike, who runs the place, and Phi (whom I thought got introduced as Feet, turns out his name is not Feet, which is good, who wants to be named Feet?).

The plan was for me to lay down a scratch track that Phil could put some live drums too, but we scratched that plan as the digital drums sounded pretty good.  Phil did add some live cymbals though.  So since I have the lead part of the song and it’s kinda based around the keyboard part I recorded first.  It was fun.  Mike is very good at fixing the few timing mistakes I stuck in.  I’m proud to say though, that out of my 3 separate keyboard parts most were played in time and one of them I did in one take.

So after about an hour or so I was done recording.  Jon went next and grooved out on his bass as he usually does and it sounded great.   While this is all taking place the rest of us are watching, giving feedback, and going back and forth to the insanely hard arcade game from way back when in the lounge.  After Jon finished guitar man Alexis got his set up working and layed down multiple guitar tracks that created a neat layering sound in his part.  The whole time of course Mike and Phi are tweaking things and putting it all in time and in general doing a great job.

By this time we’re all hungry as it’s like 12:30 so we broke for lunch.  Yay food.

Following some lunch back into the studio and Rachel finally got to sing.  Now the song sounded whole.  It definitely took the longest to do the vocal tracks though.  These singers, I tell ya, always picking at this or that :)   We helped in the critiquing part too which made it take longer.  She put in some background vocals as well so that took some more time, but spiced up the recorded version of the song pretty good.

Finally all the tracks were recorded and sounding good, then the real work, mixing, started and by then we’re all very tired. (musicians don’t do well getting up early).  Mixing of course was the most important part and involved a lot of very intent listening to make sure all the parts were balanced right and had some good effects on them and man were we all drained after two hours of doing that.  I was pretty picky about getting the sound good as this is where it all comes together for that nearly final product and you gotta do it right.

Mike was great during mixing and at the end we got 3 separate tracks, the actual song, the radio edit, and a vocal free edition.  The radio edit will work for the radio but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in how much got cut to make the song shorter.  So when you hear it on the radio some day go promptly and find it on itunes or similar places and download the full song and tell everyone how great it is and then we’ll get the radio to play the full version instead :)   Here’s hoping.

Yay, we’re done hanging out in this little recording room and get to go home and sleep.  Just had to make it home before the sleeping part.  Song is off to mastering and I’ll let you all know when it’s somewhere to purchase and of course to listen to.

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog well you’re in luck, here’s a video with bits and pieces of the day of recording.  It has the evolution of a song while recording and even gives you a little bit of a teaser of the song, enjoy.

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