First Gig

Aug 14th, 2010. Our first gig as a working band. I use working loosely as I qualify that as getting paid, but we were still playing for people, getting exposure and some stage practice. The gig was at 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon on a nice outdoor stage in downtown PoCo (Port Coquitlam). The only thing that was not good about the day is that it was during the heat spell out here and it was probably around 35 degrees when we were playing. I was wearing black pants.
There was a decent turn out of folks to listen and we were very well received. I found that surprising seeing as the average age of the crowd was probably 60+. Our songs are definitely aimed at teens and people in their 20s. We had a few goofs being the first time we played, but everyone was professional enough to work through them and you probably couldn’t tell. My favourite one was during a song called “Arm in Arm”, after the first chorus Rachel didn’t start singing right away so I’m thinking she’s getting into the song, working the crowd and giving me a solo over the verse part. Well the solo started getting kind of long for pop music…turns out she forgot the words. We got back on track though and finished the song and it gave us a fun little story.
We’re still working on getting all the sounds leveled out just right for a live show. Unfortunately that will change at every venue so the work may be in vain, maybe not. All in all it was a great first gig, low pressure with a lot of fun.
If you’re ever in PoCo’s downtown there is a great little Mongolian Grill type restaurant just up the block from the stage which is beside city hall. Really cheap and nice good food. We hit that for a much needed food and air conditioning break after the gig. Lay off the Thai Pepper Sauce, much too warm when it’s already 30+ degrees outside.
Next show details coming soon…

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