Fall update

Well I’ve been up to a few things over November and into December here.  Biggest and best thing I was working on was the score for a short film.  It is a film short called “Scattered” by Carmela Serrano and his about a girl going crazy and killing herself.  Not the happiest of films but it was fun to write the music for.  There is no audio in the film so it is pretty much just my score carrying it along with the picture.

You can’t actually watch the film yet as it is making the rounds of film competitions and festivals.  Once that is done it will be up on youtube and I’ll put a link to it.

In the mean time if you would like to hear the score I wrote in its entirety (about 8 minutes) go here.

I also sold a new composition for use in a meditation CD.  It’s a slow hypnotic piece with the ability to calm you down. So exactly what was ordered.  I’ll post that up to listen to shortly.

In other news my time with the band has come to an end.  The rest of the band decided that I wasn’t a good fit anymore and gave me the boot.  I’d say I was upset but I’m not.  Since the lack of a tour and firing a useless manager way back in April, the band never took a turn for…well.. anything.  I was planning on quitting 6 months or more ago but that was right around the time when we recorded the song I wrote.  At that point  I needed to stick around and make sure the copyright issues were taken care of as the business side of music is not the rest of the bands strong point. The copyright issues are still not fully taken care of and I’ve come to expect nothing less in that area.

October and the lack of anything with the band, (aside from shooting a pointless music video) really solidified the fact that what little time I was still putting into the band was a waste, lots of pipe dreaming going on with no action.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of them in the future.

In the few weeks since the band ended for me I’ve been worlds more productive and written a lot of new stuff that will be up for sale shortly.  I’ve already got a bunch of inroads into selling my compositions and enjoying my new found freedom.

Stay tuned for the next post on where to buy some new music, including film score tracks.



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