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Well, in the last month, particularly the last two weeks I have been a busy beaver in the music creation department.  I was working on a demo piece for a brass choir with the SCGC (Screen Composers Guild of Canada) for part of their March lecture and recording series.  More details to come on that later, but it was fun and a great experience and I’ll have a nice demo when it is all said and done.

In the last two weeks I’ve been working on two seperate film projects.  The first was/is an audition for a feature length film.  The director is auditioning a few composers so he sent us a 1 minute scene to score so he can decide who he is going to hire.  The 1 minute scene, called “John Comes Home”, was, interesting to score.  The film is somewhere in the horror/suspense genre with some twists, at least that is what I can tell from the 1 minute of film I saw.  It was tough to score because this scene for sure has some sort of context before and after it but we don’t know what it is.  Hopefully the director likes what he heard and I’ll be hearing from him in the near future.

The same weekend I was starting the audition project I got another email from a director, Anthony Ecclissi, who was finished his film and ready to add the music.  Apparently we had been in touch before but for the life of me I can not remember when or how I just know it was a fairly long time ago.  Regardless, I started working on his short film, 12 minutes, as soon as I was done my minute audition for the other film.  This short film is called “Alleywives” and is a parody of the “Real Wives of _______” done using a group of characters that are prostitutes in Vancouver’s East Side.  It is a funny portrayal of the life there and a good political statement.  I laughed many a time while scoring the film and have most of the dialogue memorized. It is all finished now and off to the director.  Soon it will be completed, I imagine, and I’ll point out how everyone can see it.  I worked on the short film for more or less a week straight and through many, many, computer and software crashes.  It really sucks when you push save and your software crashes so you lose all your work, how do you save when you can’t save?  Many bugs and glitches later it is all saved but it could have gone easier.

Now to catch up on a bunch of housekeeping, literal and figuratively.


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