As The World Turns

So…we’ve had our first real drama as a band.  Last Sunday we had a rehearsal after a bit of a break from those.  It didn’t get off to a good start because Alexis was in a minor car accident.  He has horrible luck as this was the second one in about a month.  The first wrote off his car, this one put a big dent in his back bumper.  So he couldn’t make it to practice which was rough because we were trying to work on a new song and changing up some of the old ones.  Hard to do with one of the main harmonic instruments missing.

So we made it through practice, didn’t accomplish a whole hell of a lot, then parted ways until next practice.  The next day we all get an email from our bass player Nate.  Long and short of the email was that our bass player is getting offers to play some studio time for jazz groups (among other reasons) and as such has decided to quit the band.  Not good for us.  First off, he’s a great bass player, secondly we have two big gigs coming up in a few weeks.  This is horrible timing to ditch.  It would have been nice and respectful to have at least not left us hanging for the upcoming gigs and left afterwards.  Teenagers, sheesh.

So we started looking for a replacement.  It didn’t take long at all and just yesterday our guitar player, Alexis, met up with our hopeful replacement.  They went through some songs and Alexis gave him the once over.  His stuff online seems decent and he sounds like a good guy.  I’ll reserve full judgment for once I’ve actually played some music with him, but I’m glad we’re out of a pickle for now.

Speaking of pickles, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I had Salmon, my preferred bird of choice :)

Got some more rehearsals coming up and then the big gigs opening for Stef Lang in North Vancouver.  Check out the upcoming page of this blog for some details.  More to come on that as I find out the info.


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