Always Practicing

Well some RTB updates, that’s Rachel Thom Band to any new readers out there.  We’ve been doing some pretty steady rehearsals lately and are getting all the ‘old’ songs  back into the brains and fingers.  I just wrote out all the tunes on my massive white board and we’ve got 16 songs, with 14 memorized and ready to go by everyone in the band.  Some of these songs are pretty rockin/drivin songs that make me want to get up and dance which is tricky while playing the keyboard, I just shake my head and shoulders a bunch, kind of a rhythmic convulsion :)

Hopefully we’ll put these songs to good use soon.  Next big gigs are in April but until then we’re always looking for a place to place, so let me know if you hear of somewhere.

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(the dog walker from Mad About You, anybody, please catch it der Buckmans)


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