Black Sheep Media is the creative brain child of me, Ryan Faas and a somewhat baffled flock of sheep. I Ryan, not the sheep, aim to provide you with a little something different for your media needs.

My music explores all types of genres from Orchestral Film Score, to World Muisic, Pop and Corporate Business tracks and Children’s music. I like to experiment with music and you can reap the results for your project here.

My photography is a collection of pictures from travels around the world and the lower mainland of Vancouver which I call home. I try to explore as much as possible in photography so you will always find an eclectic collection of photos here.

If it’s sunny outside (a rarity here) I’m outside enjoying and taking new photos. In the winter, when it’s not so nice out, I’m at home in my studio editing photos and composing and producing music tracks, many of which are here for you to purchase.

I hope you enjoy my work, there is always more on the way so come baaaaaack often (really, I just did that 😉 )